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Friday Open Thread: What do you love about spring training?

Baseball is back!!!

MLB: MAR 19 Spring Training - Tigers at Nationals

The sweetest four words of the early months of the year are: “pitchers and catcher report.”

This coming week we’ll start seeing just that, as the first photos of teams gearing up for the season begin to appear, and shortly after we see the first full-squad workouts begin. There’s just something wonderful about spring training. It’s the first sign of a new baseball season, and we get fun things like our usual “best shape of his life” reports on players who discovered personal trainers over the winter, or seeing new guys don their Tigers jerseys for the first time.

Plus—and maybe most importantly—it’s the first time we get to see baseball since the end of the previous World Series. Everything feels fresh and alive with possibility, and perhaps that is romantic of me, but as the great quote asks: How can you not be romantic about baseball?

So, this week, I put the question to you: what is your favorite part about spring training? Is it the games that don’t matter? The lineup where you have two starts for one inning and then nobody you’ve ever heard of for the next eight? Man, spring training is great.

Maybe you live in Florida or Arizona you love how accessible the inexpensive games are! Lucky.

If you want to wax poetic about spring training in a longer form, you can head over to our FanPost section, and write a longer piece.