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Tigers decline to tender contracts to Jeimer Candelario, Willi Castro, and Harold Castro

Not huge surprises, but clear signs that Scott Harris intends on a thorough roster makeover this offseason.

Justin Verlander wins his third AL Cy Young award

The long-time Tigers ace put together one of the more incredible seasons in baseball history in 2022.

Tigers add five prospects to the 40-man roster

There are a few surprises here as Scott Harris choose to keep just about everyone.

Tigers hire Michael Brdar and Keith Beauregard as hitting coaches

The re-shaping of the coaching staff kicked into high gear today.

Options to boost the Tigers’ offense without spending big in 2023

There’s no reason the Tigers shouldn’t spend on a top player, but assuming they disagree, here are a couple of low cost options.

Hitter profiles to turn the Tigers’ offense around

Before we start suggesting specific players to acquire, let’s start by analyzing the traits the Tigers need to start building into their lineup in 2023 and beyond.

MLB free agents: Tigers rumored to be interested in catcher Willson Contreras

The long-time Cubs backstop will be a fairly hot commodity as he reaches free agency for the first time.

Tigers claim Marlins reliever Sean Guenther off waivers

The lefty is currently rehabbing from Tommy John surgery.

Tigers hire Mark Conner as new scouting director

The long-time Padres scouting director adds to Scott Harris’ collection of front office talent.

World Series Gamethread: Astros vs. Phillies

The offseason is close, my friends.