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Miguel Cabrera’s lack of power is becoming a problem

The big man seems healthy, but the Tigers really need him to produce power again.

The Tigers should consider moving Jeimer Candelario up in the lineup

Candelario’s history and a rough opening series suggest he might perform better in a table-setting position.

Will Josh Harrison be an effective leadoff hitter?

Harrison might not be the best choice statistically, but he could provide veteran leadership for a young roster.

Niko Goodrum’s pitch recognition is improving

If he can keep it up, he may stick around for awhile.

The Detroit Tigers have terrible plate discipline

Stop swinging at everything!

Jeimer Candelario needs to make an adjustment

Inside pitches are proving to be the bane of Candelario’s season

Joe Jimenez earned his Tigers’ All-Star selection

But it demonstrates a lack of star power on the team

Joe Jimenez is more than just the “eighth inning guy”

The rookie has the skills to be so much more.

The Tigers aren’t a small ball team, yet

Ron Gardenhire has a reputation for quiet victories, but are the Tigers fulfilling that legacy?

Here’s why Mike Fiers deserves a chance in the rotation

Fiers will make his season debut for the Tigers on Sunday.