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Tigers 5, Twins 2: Final home game ends in a nice little victory

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon for baseball, and the Tigers sent their fans home happy after yet another a series win.

Tigers 2, Royals 1: The bullpen does some heavy lifting

It turned into an impromptu Bullpen Day for the Tigers with a very late switcheroo, but they made a Miggy home run hold up.

Tigers 3, Orioles 2: Wentz deals, Detroit hangs on for the victory

Joey Wentz had another great start, and the Tiger bullpen danced with disaster but ultimately came through.

White Sox 11, Tigers 5: Chicago homers doom Detroiters

Grand slams have a way of turning close games into not-so-close games, or so we’re told around here.

Royals 4, Tigers 0: Shut out yet again

It was the twentieth time the Tigers failed to score a run in a game this season.

Tigers 10, Royals 2: Joey Wentz!

A sensational starting pitching performance and some timely (and powerful) hitting gave Detroit the easy win.

Mariners 7, Tigers 0: A lousy way to end a series

Rodriguez didn’t have it today, but Rodríguez sure did.

Connect Miguel Cabrera to the 19th Century in six steps or less

Can you do this exercise in fewer steps? Show your work.

White Sox 2, Tigers 0: The somewhat triumphant return of Daniel Norris

You can have all the pitching in the world, but when you can’t hit the baseball to save your life, that’s a problem.

Guardians 4, Tigers 3 (10 innings): Late comeback isn’t quite enough

The Tigers rallied to tie the game in the ninth inning, but Manfredball bit them in the tenth.