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Kurt has blogged about the Tigers since 2006 in one form or another and has helped direct Bless You Boys since 2010. He is a senior editor for SB Nation.

Royals 13, Tigers 2: At least there were dogs

Bad Tigers! Good dogs!

Detroit Tigers news: Pitching prospects already ranking high

Minor League Ball ranked the Tigers’ pitchers fifth

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Jeimer Candelario returning

Tigers GM talks about necessity of painful rebuild

No one wanted this, but there’s no way around it.

A Justin Verlander trade timeline

Twitter tells the story of how JV was dealt to Houston

Justin Upton traded to Angels for pitching prospect

The Tigers are sending their best hitter west in exchange for Double-A pitcher Grayson Long.

Castellanos clears waivers, Iglesias pulled back

Justin Verlander, Justin Upton, and many others cleared, however.

Victor Martinez, Justin Verlander get heated in Tigers’ dugout

Miguel Cabrera, Tigers brawl Austin Romine and the Yankees

Austin Romine said something, and Miggy punched him

Detroit Tigers news: Ian Kinsler got ‘unheard of’ $10,000 fine

Pass the hat, please