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CBA talks melt down as owners seem intent on cancelling regular season games

The players once again made significant concessions, while the owners remain intransigent.

What if MLB just ended the lockout?

A new, completed CBA isn’t required to get back to baseball.

In five hour meeting, MLB owners show hints of movement in new proposal

Here’s where they stand with further talks scheduled Tuesday, and likely throughout the week

MLB postpones spring training, sets CBA deadline to start season on time

Meanwhile, the players reduced demand for arbitration after two years, but increased their ask for a pre-arb bonus pool.

Owners’ newest proposal little changed from previous offers

Owners will keep the players locked out, and major league spring training is now delayed.

MLB owners still trying to harden the de facto salary cap

Proposals for Competitive Balance Tax penalties threaten 2022 season.

MLB owners request Federal mediation, won’t counter players last offer

The players may choose to reject mediation, based on past experience.

Spring training likely to be delayed as CBA talks sputter

Proposals don’t match stated objectives from either side

CBA Update: Owners scrap proposal to replace arbitration as talks inch forward

Stiffer penalties for tax "offenders", bonus pool for pre arb players proposed

MLBPA drops request to alter free agency, offer new revenue sharing ideas

Negotiations continue Tuesday, with owners’ counter proposals expected shortly.