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Hello, my name is Ron, better known by my Twitter handle @FIPmyWHIP. I am 22 and have lived in Michigan my entire life. Every since childhood I have been a huge fan of the Detroit Tigers. My favorite aspect of baseball is following the pitchers. I love tracking their stats and am obsessed with high velocities. Justin Verlander was one of the reasons I love pitching so much today. Seeing him light up the radar gun is something truly special that I will never forget.

Where are they now? Here’s how former Tigers fared on Opening Day

Let’s catch up with the old breed.

10 takeaways from the Tigers’ Opening Day loss

The Tigers may not have won (sort of), but we learned some things about them.

8 reasons to pay attention to the Tigers in 2018

Despite low expectations, there are plenty of good reasons to follow the Tigers this season.

Why trading Michael Fulmer is a bad idea

Fulmer has shown resilience, passion, and competitiveness

Matt Boyd’s new arm slot maximizes his delivery

September was the culmination of over two years of endless changes.

Statcast says Brad Ausmus may have cost Matt Boyd a no-hitter

The catch probability of Tim Anderson’s double was low, but Castellanos should have been substituted.

It’s far too early to worry about Joe Jimenez

Good players aren’t made overnight.

The Detroit Tigers need Justin Upton to stick around

Any hope of fielding a competitive team will go out the door with Upton should he exercise his option.

Justin Verlander now has a slider for every occasion

Where one begins and the other ends is almost impossible for hitters to tell.

Tigers’ Dixon Machado is proving he’s undervalued

With solid defense and a surprisingly good bat, Machado could be a key piece of the Tigers’ infield in the next few years