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Detroit Tigers Opinions

Justin Verlander wins his third AL Cy Young award

The long-time Tigers ace put together one of the more incredible seasons in baseball history in 2022.

Power ranking the League Championship Series teams

After two rounds of a thrilling postseason so far, only four teams remain to fight it out for the World Series title. Just for fun, let’s rank ‘em!

The Tigers youth is a foundation Scott Harris can build on

With 2022 over and all of Avila’s blue-chip prospects graduated, the farm is still in solid shape for Scott Harris to build on.

Chris Ilitch stuck to his word by hiring Scott Harris

The new president of baseball operations breaks the mold of several decades of Tigers’ decision-making.

MLB Competition Committee votes for major rule changes for 2023

Pitch clocks, the end of the shift, and bigger bases were all approved on Friday.

Ominous silence at the deadline preceded Avila’s ouster

Thoughts on the final week of the Avila years, and how the Tigers should move forward with their search for a replacement.

Detroit Tigers need new leadership in the front office

Five years into the rebuild, and seven years after taking over as GM, Avila just isn’t the man to get the job done.

The Tigers offense is going to get someone fired

Reinforcements are inbound but run production has actually trended even worse in June.

Bless You Boys 2022 Detroit Tigers predictions

We’re feeling downright optimistic, as you’ll see in our predictions. Either way, let the party begin with a series win over the White Sox!

BYB Predictions Post: Our annual exercise to remind us just how wrong we can be

Happy Opening Day!

Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson look bound for the Opening Day roster

The pair are ready for the test, and the new CBA incentives make it more palatable for teams to pass on gaming service time.

BYB Roundtable: Grade the Detroit Tigers’ offseason

Al Avila says the Tigers are done adding major league talent, so let’s grade their offseason.

As the Tigers’ rebuild draws to a close, managing prospect expectations is vital

If Detroit’s shot-callers aren’t careful, believing in the team’s array of prospects too soon could lead to another round of heartbreak.

Detroit Tigers launch new YouTube series

Now THIS is how we should spotlight players.

How new CBA rules will impact the game in 2022

Some of the on-field rules will be delayed until 2023, but there are certainly a lot of changes to watch for this season.

CBA talks implode as MLB issues another failed ultimatum

Just as the sides drew close, MLB demanded an international draft, throwing the whole process back on its heels once again.

I love Major League Baseball, but it doesn’t love me back!

As the game becomes nothing but a number generator for ownership, how are we supposed to love Major League Baseball when it never loves us back?

MLB owners still trying to harden the de facto salary cap

Proposals for Competitive Balance Tax penalties threaten 2022 season.

MLB owners request Federal mediation, won’t counter players last offer

The players may choose to reject mediation, based on past experience.

Spring training likely to be delayed as CBA talks sputter

Proposals don’t match stated objectives from either side

A draft lottery won’t stop teams from tanking

Winning must be incentivized and spending mandated.

For better and for worse, Javier Báez is a Tiger

The next shortstop of the Detroit Tigers is one of the most electric, frustrating, and exceptionally talented players in all of baseball.

BYB Roundtable: Reactions to the Javier Báez signing

Let’s say we’re cautiously more or less ok, but not thrilled with this either.

POLL: What do you think of the Javier Báez signing?

Báez and the Tigers agreed on a six-year contract early Tuesday morning, according to reports.

AJ Hinch and Carlos Correa had breakfast together in Houston

Yes the internet went nuts with speculation.

BYB Roundtable: Our staff reacts to the Eduardo Rodriguez deal

As you might imagine, spirits are high.

2021 free agent targets: SS Trevor Story

We’ve liked this idea all year, but the former Rockies shortstop is going to convince teams that his throwing arm is healthy.

MLB owners propose WAR on arbitration system

Proposal would scrap arbitration in favor of a formula based on Fangraphs’ WAR

2022 MLB free agent targets: SS Corey Seager

The long-time Dodgers infielder may be the best hitter available, but his defense makes him an imperfect fit at SS.

2022 MLB free agent targets: RHP Jon Gray

Get the man out of Coors Field and you might unlock another level of production.

Justin Verlander’s showcase for teams went very well

The former Tigers ace held a showcase for teams on Monday. Could a reunion be on the horizon?

The Tigers should sign minor league outfielder Nick Plummer

This MiLB free agent is one of the best in recent memory.