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Detroit Tigers Opinions

2021 wild card games may be MLB’s last as playoff expansion looms

One game play-in format could soon be eliminated in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Bill Freehan and the modern Hall of Fame catcher

What determines a case for Cooperstown?

A.J. Hinch is raising the bar for the Detroit Tigers

The Tigers skipper has managed a remarkable turnaround for the franchise in 2021, and he wants you to know this is just a beginning.

The case for the Detroit Tigers to play things out this year rather than sell

With the MLB trade deadline approaching, Detroit’s outlook should be different than in recent years.

BYB Roundtable: Who should represent the Tigers in the All-Star Game?

All-Star voting ends Thursday night. Which Tiger has earned a trip to the mid-summer classic?

Loss of Beau Burrows a warning and reminder of upcoming roster challenges

The former Tigers first round pick will be staying in the AL Central after being DFA’d by Detroit.

MLB’s foreign substances crackdown is flirting with disaster

As predicted, this is trending toward self-manufactured scandal and a leaguewide experiment with no apparent controls.

Tigers’ ‘Welcome Back Fans’ weekend falls flat for families and fans

A weekend event put on by the Detroit Tigers franchise was pretty underwhelming for parents.

Choose your own podcast: Q&A for the BYB Podcast

We’ve got a rain out and an off day as we near Sparky’s 40-game mark for assessment. Post your questions below.

Options for improving the Tigers offense are few and far between

We have a few ideas, but the 40 man roster just doesn’t have much to offer.

Behind Enemy Lines: A pre-series chat with Jeremy Brener of Bucs Dugout

Yes, we checked to make sure they were loving on Donnie Kelly.

Where has Tarik Skubal’s spin gone?

The big lefty’s fastball spin rate has dropped substantially this year, and he’s going to have to adjust.

Tigers Den Roundtable: Who is your pick for Tigers 2021 MVP?

The BYB staff picks their team MVP candidate.

Roundtable: Who is your pick for Tigers 2021 Rookie of the Year?

The BYB staff considers which of the Tigers youngsters will make the biggest impact.

Keys to look for in the Detroit Tigers spring camp

There’s a lot of noise in spring training results, but there are also some signals to watch for.

The Tigers need to call on Trevor Story

With Nolan Arenado traded, Story is available until word of an extension with the Rockies is announced.

Who’s on first?

Detroit Tigers’ infield puzzle remains unsolved.

The Matthew Stafford and Justin Verlander trades make for tricky comparisons

No these two things aren’t equal, but right now things look a lot better on the Lions side.

Matt Shoemaker could add a little depth to the Tigers pitching staff

The veteran has fought through injury after injury in recent years, but remains effective when he’s healthy.

Seam-shifted wake and the evolution of pitch design

Cutting edge research on pitch movement has come a long way in recent years. Let’s dive in with a new primer.

Major league baseball’s unwritten rules are brewing up trouble again

This particular brew consists of pine tar and rosin. A sticky situation, as it were.

Jake Cronenworth is a trade candidate who would fill a real need in Detroit

The Padres made their young infielder expendable by signing Kim Ha-seong. The Tigers should capitalize on their excess.

The Tigers should be in better financial shape than their peers

With less exposure to losses in 2020, the club should be on the right side of a buyer’s market for talent.

Which free agents should the Tigers target?

BYB staff discuss who we’d like to see the team add to the roster this offseason.

A.J. Hinch has a balanced approach to his decision making

The new Tigers manager has a flexible style to suit all occasions.

What does a successful 2021 campaign look like for the Tigers?

With AJ Hinch at the helm and another year of growth for the young players, what constitutes a successful 2021 season for the Tigers?

Roundtable: How do you feel about the Tigers hiring A.J. Hinch?

Early reactions from our staff, and the fanbase at large, have been very positive.

The Tigers may have a better shot at A.J. Hinch than it seems

Yes there are more immediately attractive jobs available, but the Tigers gig may be just what Hinch is looking for.

Analytics didn’t cost the Rays the World Series

When it mattered most, Kevin Cash trusted his gut over the numbers, and it burned him.

Who should be the Tigers’ next manager?

BYB staff mention the usual suspects, but some out of the box options as well.

The Tigers are two games out of a playoff spot in September

Yes, we’re telling you there’s a chance, and either way this has been a pretty fun ride.

Final thoughts before the 2020 Detroit Tigers take the field

Opening Day is here and we have many things on our minds.


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