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Detroit Tigers History

A brief history of baseball’s major leagues: Part two

The expansion era: 1961 to 1999

A Brief History of Professional Baseball’s Major Leagues: Part One

From the Player’s League to the National and American Leagues, and 50 years of stability.

Connect Miguel Cabrera to the 19th Century in six steps or less

Can you do this exercise in fewer steps? Show your work.

Detroit Tigers history: The 1908 Tigers

Detroit Tigers history: The 1907 Tigers

The year they almost brought home a World Series. Almost.

Flashback: Toronto vs. Detroit, October 4, 1987

A regular-season-ender with a much happier ending than 2009’s.

Detroit Tigers history: The 1906 Tigers

Detroit Tigers history: The 1905 Tigers

Something truly franchise-altering happened to the Tigers this season.

Detroit Tigers history: The 1904 Tigers

Detroit Tigers history: The 1903 Tigers

The return of our Tigers history series.

Flashback: Detroit Tigers vs. Minnesota Twins in 2009’s “Game 163”

Around here, when you say "Game 163," everyone knows what game you’re talking about: this one.

The Tigers almost had a domed stadium

A fun little historical "What if?" for you.

Miguel Cabrera’s greatness goes beyond just hits and homers

The total picture places Cabrera among baseballs greatest of all-time.

Watch Miguel Cabrera hit home runs 490 and 491

The Tigers great is slowly closing in on the 500 mark.

JaCoby Jones might be the Tigers’ all-time strikeout artist

Three current Tigers are whiffing at a blistering pace.

Curtis Granderson’s 2007 season was the beginning of something special

The recently-retired outfielder had a tremendous career, but his best year may have been in the Motor City after a trip to the World Series.

Curtis Granderson epitomized the 2006 Detroit Tigers

Granderson was a key part of the 2006 Tigers that won the AL Pennant.

Detroit Tigers history: The 1902 Tigers

Can the current Tigers follow the 2006 club’s formula?

Could the current Tigers repeat the success of 2006 within three years?

Tigers history: The 1901 Tigers

In a new series we follow the highs and lows of the Tigers from the very beginning.

Does Ian Kinsler have a shot at the Hall of Fame?

We know Verlander and Cabrera are future Hall of Famers, but what about Ian Kinsler?

Top Tigers teams countdown #1: 1984

World Series champions. Best record in team history. Even statistically, the 1984 Tigers are the best of them all.

Trading Brad Ausmus led to the Tigers’ last arbitration hearing

A nostalgic look back at the Tigers’ last arbitration hearing and the trade that led to it.

Poll: What is the best Tigers team of all-time?

We probably know which team is number one, but who comes after that?

29 years ago, the Tigers signed Cecil Fielder

He subsequently went on to have the best seasons of his career.

Featured Fanshot

Placido Polanco on 2019 Hall of Fame ballot

Polanco won't be inducted, and likely won't even receive the requisite five percent of votes required to stay on the ballot for another year.

Remembering some great Tigers October moments

Warm up with some walk-offs!

The 1908 World Series had the best coverage

These cartoon updates from the Cubs-Tigers series are amazing

Tigers retire Alan Trammell’s No. 3 jersey

During his speech, the Hall of Fame shortstop lobbied for Lou Whitaker to join him in Cooperstown.

Trammell, Morris inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

The feels are beyond strong right now.

Alan Trammell dedicates part of his Hall of Fame speech to Lou Whitaker

"My hope is someday you will be up here as well."

This Day in Baseball: Lou Gehrig’s historic run ended in Detroit

At the time, Gehrig’s consecutive game streak was unparalleled in baseball.


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