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Tigers shouldn't overpay for a closer

Do the Tigers need to pay big money for a closer? Check out my column now.

Phil Coke: Possible closer
Phil Coke: Possible closer
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

This week in the Detroit News, I looked at the question of whether teams should pay for saves -- and by that I mean, giving millions of dollars in "bonus" money to a reliever just because he's pitched in the ninth inning in the past.

I wrote about the topic because a common line of thought is that the Tigers need to add more members to their bullpen -- especially with Jose Valverde no longer a Tiger.

But do they really need to pay a reliever big dollars just because he pitches in the ninth? Especially when they've already got Octavio Dotel, Joaquin Benoit, postseason "star" Phil Coke, rookie Bruce Rondon and others under contract?

I say no.