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Should the Tigers re-sign Anibal Sanchez?

Today's column in the News (well, I think it hit the website Monday): Should the Tigers sign Anibal Sanchez? At what point does it or doesn't it make sense?

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Let's get it out of the way up front: I really enjoyed watching Anibal Sanchez play baseball. I approved of the trade in July. I approved of the trade in October. Even without a World Series victory for the Tigers, I approve of the trade now. And I don't change that opinion based on whether or not the Tigers re-sign Sanchez. I offer no apologies for not fawning over prospects, and I acknowledge there's more than one way to build a championship roster. The Tigers do not choose the cheap way. That's their prerogative.

All that said, I wrote in the News today that Sanchez, even at a more realistic contract of five years and $75 million seems a bit pricier than they should be willing to pay. I guess I'm just a bit more worried about getting Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera's contracts extended first. After that, Detroit can spend what it want to.

So go check out the column and let me know what you think.