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Brain Farts

Farts. From Phil Coke's Brain.

Good eye! Good eye!

Test your skills with these manipulated photos

Pardon the Indigestion - The BYB argument show

PhilCoke'sBrain and HookSlide go toe-to-toe in a battle of wits. There are no winners.

2014 Tigers projected to be 53 pounds lighter

Lynn Henning rejoices!

The top 10 most useless Tigers items for sale

Look at this junk!

25 reasons the Tigers absolutely must keep Coke

Phil Coke is indispensable. Here is why.

Five lessons baseball can learn from football

The NFL is the most popular league in America and it's not particularly close. What practices can baseball steal from America's new pastime?

Twitter is littered with fake Brad Ausmuses

With the departure of Jim Leyland, and thus @fakeleyland, there is a rush of Brad Ausmus parody accounts eager to fill the void. Bless You Boys investigates.

Luke Pukonen: Badass

LuPu is a force, this video proves it.

A Jim Leyland Halloween costume compendium

People love to be Jim Leyland for Halloween. Who is the best Skipper?

Application for Employment - Field Manager

It seems like everyone and their brother has been rumored to be a candidate for the Tigers manager job. Shoot, maybe even YOU are a finalist. You can take the first step by filling out an application.

Flowchart: Who's your next Tigers manager?

Why think or do research when you can use this simple chart?!

4 faces of Jim Leyland: A character study

He's been in Detroit for eight years, but who really is Jim Leyland? Depends on who you ask.

Shopping for Halloween costumes with the Tigers

The Tigers could be busy until Halloween. It's smart to pick out their outfits early.

Pardon the Indigestion - The BYB argument show

HookSlide and PhilCoke'sBrain tackle the topics of the day by fighting.

Clubhouse celebration flow chart

Here is what you do when you clinch

Magglio Ordoñez political update

I'll get you up to speed on Magglio's campaign. The only problem is I only took two and half years of high school Spanish.

Less intimidating National League logos

Let's soften up the Senior Circuit with some new logo concepts and awful photoshopping.

Performance enhancing substitutes

Steroids? Pshh. Greenies? They're a joke! Here is a whole menu of completely legal performance enhancers.

The Tigers most and least compelling storylines

The stuff to look out for and the stuff to ignore.

Don Kelly meets a girl who was mauled by a bear.

No word on how the bear feels about the meeting

Where's your Tiger?

Consult this map to find your favorite player!

The five stages of Phil Coke optioning grief

Will you go down the path with me?

Rod Allen catchphrase power rankings

How can we tell the difference between a good play and amazing play? Rod will tell you.

Let's make the AL logos fan friendlier!

What if we tried to make our teams a bit more friendly? Fortunately for you, Phil Coke's Brain did just that!

Flow chart: What's your seventh inning sing-along?

The Tigers seem to be struggling to find the right fit. PhilCoke'sBrain is here to help.

Tigers body parts power rankings

Yay objectification!

Brayan Pena wins Twitter -- again

Or: The Story of Brayan's NERTS

The 'Everyone Gets an Award' Awards!

It is so sad when people get left out. In the spirit of Don Kelly's Heart and Hustle nomination, let's honor all the Tigers with a mid-season award!

10 completely amazing Tigers life hacks

Save time and money with these helpful tricks!

Flow chart: Which All-Star event best suits you?

Find your personal All-Star style!

Tigers Twitter top 50

The list of must follow Twitter accounts for any self-respecting Tigers fan, and the rest of you, too.

Our picks for the new Fox Sports Detroit girl

Pretty aspiring actresses are a dime a dozen. Can't we come up with something better?


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