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Detroit Tigers Links

Wednesday Links: Justice for Armando, injury updates, and much more

Also, Miguel Cabrera 3000 hits hype building, and Justin Verlander is, of course, back to dominating.

Links: Scenes from Opening Day

In case you missed it...

Wednesday Tigers links: That’s a wrap for spring training 2022

The Tigers and Orioles agreed to cancel Wednesday’s scheduled Grapefruit League finale.

Links: Bubba Tork needs his own merch

Spencer Torkelson’s dog is our new favorite part of spring training.

Offseason 2.0 primer for the Detroit Tigers

The Tigers need to move quickly to finish their offseason.

Links: Year of the Tiger

News, notes, and absolutely no movement in the lockout.

Links: David Ortiz is a in a class all by himself

Literally. He’s the only player getting into the Hall of Fame this year.

Links: CBA bargaining session now set for Thursday

Meanwhile, an old friend of ours could use some help, and the glass ceiling has some cracks.

Links: Tigers hire Max Gordon as Hitting Coordinator

The comprehensive overhaul of the player development system continues.

Monday Tigers links: Golden Days committee elects four to the Hall of Fame.

The Golden Days committee selects players from the 1950-1969 era.

Detroit Tigers links: Free agents versus the lockout

A flurry of signings, including a truly wild deal for Marcus Semien, has us set for a wild couple of days as the impending lockout nears.

Detroit Tigers News: Stephanos Stroop hired as Pitching Coordinator

Yep, more Dodgers player development poaching, while out in Arizona, it is outfield prospect Eric de la Rosa’s time to shine.

Friday Tigers Links: AJ Hinch is the face of the Tigers’ future

Hinch and GM Al Avila’s post-season presser had some gems for the fans.

Monday Tigers News: The Miggy 500

Let’s talk injuries, new beginnings, and milestones

Monday Tigers News: Done with Cleveland

Let’s take a look at some recent moves, the status of young arms, and the impending return of Matthew Boyd

Detroit Tigers Links: Is the Jonathan Schoop deal signal or noise?

Reaction to the Schoop deal, focus shifting to shortstop, and a roundup of news from the divisional races.

Monday Tigers News: The return of Michael Fulmer?

We talk about the development of Baddoo, the renaissance of Joe Jimenez, the possible return of Michael Fulmer and a few other things

Monday Tigers News: Wily Peralta for Cy Young

Let’s get a look at the state of the rotation, the trade deadline, some moves and Phil Coke

Links: Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson named to the MLB Futures Game

Dillon Dingler was robbed, but whatever...

Monday Links: Spencer Turnbull reflects on his no-hitter

We’ll also touch on the ball doctoring situation, restrictions being lifted, and why A.J. Hinch wanted Robbie Grossman

Links: Spencer Turnbull’s long road to a no-no

We’ll talk fathers and sons, Ohtani’s and Trout’s, and a certain doofus of a manager in the Windy City.

Monday Tigers News: Futility in our feelings

We talk bad offense, beef, returns and adjustments.

Monday Tigers News responds accordingly

We look at expectations, response to adversity, and yes, injuries

Monday News: The roster is set and Renato Nuñéz is sticking around

As we wait out the last days before real baseball we look at what went into some of the final roster decisions.

Monday Tigers News: Is Fulmer making his case?

Michael Fulmer is giving the Tigers something to think about, some news on other members of the pitching staff, and a welcome back to the fans

Monday Tigers News: The Grapefruit League kicks it into high gear this week

We look at booziest fanbases, pitching battles, and players rounding into form

Monday Tigers News: We have games again

We take a look at some milestones, some goals, and some players trying to make the roster

Links: Spring training is just days away

As we await the start of spring training we look at signings, the farm, the draft and some changes.

Detroit Tigers News: Goodbye football hello spring

We’re less than two weeks from the start of spring, so let’s consider the Tigers infield options, and investigate the league’s latest scheme to de-juice the baseball.

Monday Tigers News: It’s February

A look at an alternative schedule proposal and how Tigers like Matt Manning, Casey Mize, and Spencer Turnbull are preparing for camp.

Monday Tigers News: Spring is around the corner

As spring approaches we look at some minor signings and how the lineup could shake out in the coming weeks

Monday Tigers News: Miggy at first?

We take a look at where some players might slot in for 2021, some free agent notes, and the improvement of an ex Tiger


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