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Daniel Schlereth not offered contract by Tigers

Left-handed reliever Daniel Schlereth never lived up to the hype after being acquired by the Tigers during the 2009 Winter Meetings. Friday, the organization decided it was time to cut him loose.

Hannah Foslien

Think back to a time before the World Series ALCS sweep of the Yankees, the ALDS victory over the A's, the AL Central Division title: At some point in Tigers history, Daniel Schlereth was a Tiger.

Today, he is not.

The Tigers announced Friday they would not tender Schlereth a contract -- fancy words for "No way are we paying that man another dollar, and you can't make us."

The Son of Stink, The Alaskan Assassin, The ... OK, let's stick to two nicknames for now, the 26-year-old Schlereth allowed 10 runs in six games in 2012 before hitting the disabled list with shoulder issues.

His Tigers career -- which began in 2010 after he was acquired along with Phil Coke, Austin Jackson and Max Scherzer -- was not a real pretty one. Some experts thought he might be a closer-in-waiting, but his strikeout rate steadily declined in Detroit while his walks rate went up. That's no way to make a career, son.

The left-hander finished his time in Detroit with an ERA of 3.98 in 73 games.

He made one save.