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Introducing: The Detroit Tigers Prospect Report Weekly Mailbag!!

Ever had a burning question regarding a Tigers prospect? Or how about a question about scouting? Maybe just something in general about the minor leagues? Well you're in luck!!

Mail Call!!
Mail Call!!
Jeff Gross

Beginning today, the Detroit Tigers Prospect Report will be featuring a weekly mailbag. Any questions you may have that you think I can answer, feel free to ask on twitter @TigersProspects or via email (! I understand that Bless You Boys has been without a prospects guy for awhile now, so I'm trying to do all I can to bring you guys up to speed on the Tigers minor league system.

Please, don't be shy! Any question involving the Tigers minor league system, particular prospects, or scouting are fair game!

The tentative plan is to have a week long question period, followed by a post by me answering said questions, and so on and so forth.

So, green light folks! Start asking away! If I get enough questions to where once a week simply will not cut it, I can quite easily make this a twice weekly occurrence.