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TPR Welcomes a New Addition

Julian Finney

With the season nearly upon us, and the undoubted uptick in site production coming, TPR has decided to add another writer to it's already fine staff. We'd like to welcome Nick Galea to the team. Nick is a valued member of the Tigers' fan twitter community, is well-versed in scouting, sabermetrics, and overall baseball knowledge, and also has a plus beard; which is something that TPR has been sorely lacking since it's conception.

When asked to say a few words, Nick had this for us:

"For those that haven't seen me on twitter, this site, or my own site, I'm Nick Galea, and I'm happy to be the newest addition to the Tigers Prospect Report. I've written a few fan posts here, and for the last two years I've led a modest podcast and blog titled Ducks on the Pod. I've really enjoyed the content hosted here by TPR and the other fine writers of BYB, and I hope I can add to it. My recent projects have involved fixing the Hall of Fame, replacing Jhonny Peralta, and pushing back against the closer mythos; with TPR I plan to focus my attention onto the latest talents being raced through the Tigers system. When I'm not writing, you can generally find me on twitter at @champaigncaviar. Go Tigers!"

I know I'm excited to have Nick on board. He's a great guy, an excellent writer, knows the game, knows scouting (vitally important), and as I mentioned, brings a 60-grade beard to the team. His only drawback is that he's a State grad, but we'll forgive him.

Please join me in welcoming Nick Galea to Detroit Tigers Prospect Report!!