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Tigers 2019 Season Recap

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Biggest 2018 Surprises

Dixon Machado named Tigers Rookie of the Year

Detroit Sports Media selected the utility infielder as the breakout rookie

Mikie Mahtook should have been Tiger of the Year

Instead, the "Tiger" of the Year was traded to the Angels in August.

These current Tigers are most likely to be gone by next season

Options, trades, and non-tenders loom as Detroit continues to rebuild.

Roundtable: What was the highlight of the Tigers season?

It wasn’t the best year, but there were still a few great moments.

People stopped watching the Tigers this year and we have no idea why

Surely this must be a mistake.

Tigers thank their fans with special video

The 2017 season wasn’t great fun, but the Tigers found some good moments to share

2017 was an unintentional success for the Tigers

98 losses may not seem like cause for celebration, but it is

The Tigers year in pictures

Taking a look back at the most memorable moments of 2016

Explaining J.D. Martinez’s post-injury hot streak

J.D. Martinez was one of the hottest hitters in the league after returning from the disabled list. But why?

The Tigers have been lucky on the injury front

Detroit got bit by the injury bug this season, but recent seasons show they have actually been pretty fortunate when it comes to players being hurt.

Matt Boyd made major strides in 2016

The Tigers got quite a bit more than anyone expected from Boyd in 2016.

Jordan Zimmermann’s 2016 was ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Zimmermann struggled with runners in scoring position last year, but that shouldn’t explain a drop-off that started before his injuries.

Sanchez struggled with runners on base in 2016

Sanchez’s location fell apart when he pitched from the stretch this season.

The Tigers could not beat the Indians in 2016

The Indians are in the World Series partly because they dominated the Tigers all year long.

How did injuries affect the Tigers in 2016?

The Tigers saw a number of players hit the disabled list this season, but the overall influence doesn't seem as large as you might think.

Grading the 2016 Tigers' infield

The infield was a source of strength for the Tigers in 2016, with multiple players seeing a huge jump in production over last season.

The 5 worst Tigers pitching performances in 2016

Pitchers will throw a dud every once in a while. Occasionally they will throw a really stinky dud. Then there are these.

The biggest winners and losers of the Tigers’ 2016 season

Naturally, Michael Fulmer was a big win.

Ranking the Tigers’ coaching staff in 2016

The coaching staff was fairly average in 2016, despite a strong contribution from Rich Dubee.

Tigers season review: catchers

James McCann emerged as one of the better defensive catchers in MLB this season.

Top 5 bullpen meltdowns of 2016

These are definitely why the Tigers missed the playoffs.

Grading the Tigers’ defense in 2016

The Tigers were efficient when they got to the ball, but didn't do that nearly enough this year.

Grading the Tigers' offense in 2016

Detroit's run production didn't match their hitting potential

The top 5 plays of the Tigers' 2016 season

Few Tigers had a flair for the dramatic in 2016 quite like Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

The 5 games that changed the Tigers’ 2016 season

The Tigers narrowly missed a shot at the postseason in 2016. These five games were a big reason why.

The 5 best Tigers pitching performances of 2016

Michael Fulmer was a badass.

The 5 longest Tigers home runs of 2016

Spoiler: Miguel Cabrera features heavily on this list.

The Tigers’ season was marred by too many injuries

What could have been is no longer within grasp as the Tigers’ season comes to a quiet close.

The 2 halves of Justin Verlander

The Tigers ace had a real Jekyll and Hyde year in 2015. Let's see if we can find out the reasons why.

Yoenis Cespedes was a lot of fun to watch in 2015

Cespedes is going to be really expensive in free agency. Is he worth it?

Ian Krol's 3 best games of 2015

Ian Krol was good sometimes, bad sometimes, but left-handed at all times. Let's look at a few games where he did his job.


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