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FanPost Fridays

FanPost Friday: Your favorite baseball things

What’s your ballpark top 5?

FanPost Friday: Let’s draft an all-fictional baseball team

Use any pop culture character you want!

FanPost Friday: Pick a DH for a historical season

Let’s have a little fun with past baseball.

FanPost Friday: Who is *your* Tiger?

They don’t need to be the best, just the best to you.

FanPost Friday: What is the wildest game you’ve seen in person?

And what made it so memorable?

FanPost Friday: What are your Opening Day traditions?

Baseball is back, how do you celebrate?

FanPost Friday: Share your best stories about OTHER teams

Were you ever welcomed with open arms by a competitor?

FanPost Friday: What’s your favorite baseball movie?

Plus, a fun bonus round.

FanPost Friday: Who was your first “favorite” player?

You never forget your first.

FanPost Friday: Playing trade deadline GM

Buy, sell, stay pat?

FanPost Friday: Your bold predictions for the second half

A run for the division title? Sure, why not?

FanPost Friday: What’s your draft wishlist for the Tigers?

What’s your dream scenario for the Detroit Tigers six picks in the 2020 draft?

FanPost Friday: Who is the Face of the Tigers?

Which player would be chosen to represent the team if you could only pick one?

FanPost Friday: What is your biggest takeaway from the 2019 Tigers’ season?

It’s about the lessons we learned along the way.

FanPost Friday: What’s your walk-up song?

Either a player’s or yours, take your pick.

FanPost Friday: Rank the other 29 MLB teams!

Tell us how you really feel.

FanPost Friday: Bring back any former Tigers player

Who would make this season’s roster complete?

FanPost Friday: What is your greatest hope for the 2019 Tigers?

Things have to get a bit better, right?

FanPost Friday: Which Tigers player has surprised you most this season?

For better or worse, did someone leave a major impression?

FanPost Friday: The 2023 Detroit Tigers

Will they be good? Will they have jet packs?

FanPost Friday: Which team would you trade your favorite Tigers player to?

If you have to grudgingly cheer for someone else, who would it be?

FanPost Friday: Pitch the Tigers to a non-fan

Make a stranger love this team the way we do.

FanPost Friday: The trade deadline do-over

That was boring, let’s fix it.

FanPost Friday: Make your 2018 MLB All-Star roster

Dream team time!

FanPost Friday: Let’s make some Tigers trades!

Trade season is here.

FanPost Friday: What is your favorite ballpark other than Comerica Park?

We’re all partial to our home park, but there are other gems in the mix.

FanPost Friday: How would you make baseball better?

This is your shot. How would you improve the game?

FanPost Friday: Re-write Tigers history in one move

How would you change things for the Tigers?

FanPost Friday: Tigers spring training is coming up!

Pitchers and catchers report next week — What are you most looking forward to?

FanPost Friday: What makes you a Tigers fan?

This has been a tough season, so let’s remember why we’re fans

FanPost Friday contest giveaway: Write a letter to Santa Paws

You could win a Comerica Park print from Ballpark Blueprints!

Fanpost Friday: Your all-Pokémon baseball team

Pick some Pokémon and build a roster!


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