Max Scherzer's Terrific 2013


Here is an article I wrote on how Max Scherzer has pitched as well as he has thus far in 2013.

Brandon Inge is Public Enemy #1 in Detroit


Well, if he wasn't before, he certainly is now.

Indians tipping signs?


What do we think about this?

Game 42 Overflow


Because people want it

"Best team in the division is the Tigers, 2nd best is the Tigers not playing well"


Great interview with Orel Hershiser on today's Baseball Tonight podcast. Lots of talk about the Tigers and Cabrera. Already dropped my favorite line in the title: "Best team in the division is the Tigers, 2nd best is the Tigers not playing well" Didn't know he was from Southfield.

The Tigers have signed a closer


Jose Valverde? Nope! Bruce Rondon? Try again! It's Martin Short!

New Mark Fidrych Biography


Interview with the author of a new Mark "The Bird" Fidrych biography.

The Yankees bring hired goons with them


Want to heckle the Yankees someplace outside their home stadium? You're going to have to deal with these guys.

Torii Hunter on Baseball Tonight


Nice conversation between Buster Olney and Hunter on today's (4/11/13) baseball tonight podcast. Starts around the 20:10 mark. In it, Hunter talks about scouting the Tigers last year as a potential team to sign with if the Angels didn't work. He played against them in July and thought he'd be a good fit. Also, fellow Notre Dame haters hold your nose here, apparently the fact that his son committed there, 2 hours away, was an important factor in his decision to sign with Detroit.