Austin Jackson makes Indians' Opening Day roster


Jackson and Tyler Naquin will serve as the team's primary center fielders.

Ian Kinsler talks about the art of swing


In a new video from Warstic, Ian Kinsler talks about the warrior mentality and how he prepares himself for each plate appearance.

Tigers' J.D. Martinez to undergo stress CT scan for foot injury


Martinez will see Dr. Robert Anderson, one of the top foot surgeons in the country. On one hand, it's encouraging that traditional diagnostic tests did not turn up anything. On the other hand, additional testing is a concern.

Jose Iglesias has cutest family portrait ever


Jose Iglesias shared a priceless photo of his family, with his young son sporting a suit and mustache combo. His son, Jose Jr, also famously sported a mustache during Iglesias's press tour for the 2015 All Star Game.

Tigers' Miguel Cabrera to miss rest of World Baseball Classic


This isn't saying much, as it's just one game. Cabrera isn't expected to miss any time in the regular season.

Tigers option 3 players to Triple-A Toledo


The Tigers now have 51 players remaining in major league camp (including those away at the World Baseball Classic).

Tigers will be sham-rocking green jerseys for St. Patrick's Day


We're green with envy over these emerald jerseys for Friday's game with the Yankees.

Justin Verlander has a car problem


Game day! Which one?? #488 #r8

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Of course, that problem is that he owns too many fancy cars and can't decide which to take to work today. Seems like a pretty great problem to have.

Tigers' Adam Ravenelle out with elbow injury


The Tigers pitcher will get a second opinion just to be on the safe side, but it does not appear there is any serious damage following his early exit from Saturday's game, in which he felt elbow discomfort.

Jays players' least-favourite walk-up songs


I know this isn't technically Tigers-related information, but... a good source of ballpark debate amongst friends is the question, "What song would you pick for your walk-up music?" Here, some Blue Jays sound off (get it? Alright, that was terrible) about some walk-up songs they've heard in the past that they weren't too thrilled about.