Dave Dombrowski has forsaken the Polo


Important discovery by our very own Fielder'sChoice. Dave Dombrowski has moved on from sporting the polo. It seems he has decided to keep it a little classier in Boston and has almost exclusively gone with the jacket. RIP Dombrowski Polo, RIP.

Miggy vs. Iggy at shortstop


Tough to argue with that logic.

Tigers playoff tickets are for sale


I'd say that sums it up pretty well.

Dave Dombroski fired


The Tigers GM Dave Dombroski was fired today. He has been the GM since 2002, and has brought the club major success. And we'll be replaced by Al Avila

Report: Yoenis Cespeded traded to Mets


According to reports the Tigers have traded Yoenis Cespedes to the New York Mets for two minor leaguers(clubs have not confirmed).



Seriously, we need to re-sign David Price, if only for Astro.

Steve Yzerman caught Austin Jackson's grand slam while Barry Sanders looked on


I guess if you are going to catch an opponents grand slam in an away park, it might as well be Austin Jackson's.