Steven Moya's hair is out of control


He's no Magglio, but the mini afro is nice.

Should the Tigers keep Rick Porcello?


Catherine makes a strong argument. What do you think?

Tigers' annual TigerFest is back!


Tickets will be $28 for adults and $14 for kids 12-and-under. For more information, go to

Brandon McCarthy scouts Shane Greene


Well that's good to know.

David Price meets Tiger Woods


Tiger Tiger Woods yall!! Got to play in the hero challenge yesterday!! Thanks for the invite tiger!!

A photo posted by David Price (@davidprice14) on

Two Tigers in one picture!

Jim Johnson signs with Atlanta Braves


Johnson will make $1.6 million with an additional $900,000 in incentives.

Brad Ausmus - Pitch Framing proto-type


Article about attempting to study pitch framing before Pitch F/X, in which it is revealed that Brad Ausmus was a past master of the art.

Tigers crash Omar Vizquel's wedding


Congratulations to @omarvizquel13 on his special day! #omarswedding

A photo posted by JD Martinez (@jdmartinez20) on

OK, they were probably invited.

Price speaks the truth!


Marcus Stroman is only a rookie though. Veteran David Price offers him some sage advice.

Inside the head of a minor league pitcher - Kevin Ziomek


A wonderful interview with lefty Kevin Ziomek, BA's #2 prospect in the Tigers system, on what its like to develop as a pitcher and what the Tigers have him work on and try to teach their young pitchers.