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Hook'd on Humor

The 2016 Tigers will strike out a lot

Let's have some "real talk" about the 2016 Tigers and strikeout rates. Hopefully you don't have a "swear jar" in your house.

The Whitecaps want you to stuff your face in 2016

The Tigers' Single A affiliate is ready to defend their 2015 championship, but even if they don't, you'll be too busy eating this awesome food to notice.

Hasty judgments about the Tigers' first lineup

The Tigers released their lineup for their spring training opening game, and you should definitely have some opinions about it.

Tigers Valentine's Cards guaranteed to get you dumped

You want some Tigers-related Valentine's Day cards for that special someone in your life? You should probably look somewhere else.

Star Wars MCMLXXVII: The Tigers flash back

The original Star Wars trilogy exploded across the silver screen in 1977, 1980, and 1983. Let's see what the Tigers were up to when those movies first came out.

Quiz: who are the Tigers' Silver Sluggers?

Several Tigers have won the Silver Slugger Award since its invention in 1980. How many of them can you name?

Tigers' World Series odds got worse, WTF?

The Tigers improved their starting rotation and fixed their bullpen, yet the oddsmakers' latest numbers actually downgraded the team from November's numbers -- this is the reason why.

Miggy vs. Kershaw: who wins?

What if Clayton Kershaw and Miguel Cabrera spent fifteen seasons facing no one but each other? I think we need to find out the answer using computers.

Can the Tigers contend in 2016?

It's probably too early to make any judgments about the 2016 season, but that's no reason why we shouldn't start jumping to conclusions right now!

5 Tigers topics for Thanksgiving dinner

You're the resident expert on all things Tigers in your family, so you're probably going to get asked at least a few of these questions. Here's a cheat sheet with answers designed to get you back to eating more pumpkin pie as soon as possible.

The Tigers have been really bad at drafting

Hindsight is 20/20, but fortunately, we have loads of hindsight on the Tigers' drafting records, so let's sling judgments everywhere and shake our heads in collective disgust.

Let's get pre-indignant about the 2016 HOF vote

Don't let the 2016 Hall of Fame voting results sneak up on you. Work up to it by getting a little bit irritated now.

2015 MLB Hot Stove quiz, Part 1

Do you find it hard to track all of the offseason news? This Hot Stove quiz will almost certainly help. (No it won't.)

World Championships are won in the offseason

It all starts by following the template of the previous World Series winner, unless of course you can become the template.

The 5 worst Tigers games of 2015

You'd probably like to forget these games ever happened, but I can't let you do that.

3 bold predictions for the Tigers offseason

The Tigers are going to do some crazy things in the next few weeks and months, and these predictions are guaranteed to be 100% accurate, give or take 99.9%.

You don't have to keep watching the Tigers

Let's put an end to bandwagon-shaming. These Tigers are not fun to watch.

I hacked the All-Star voting in under 20 minutes

The MLB All-Star voting system is easily exploitable. And MLB probably doesn't care.

The search for the perfect offensive statistic

Batting average, on-base-percentage, OPS, wOBA, OMGBBQWTFLOL -- what does it all mean, and is there a "one-stop shopping" batting statistic?

Saber 101: Run differential made easy

HookSlide gives away the great secret to making sense of run differential.

Two must-have metrics for evaluating pitchers

Are you familiar with ERA+ or RE24? If you aren't, HookSlide explains why you should be.

Why pitcher wins and saves need to go

HookSlide takes a semi-serious look at three traditional pitching stats that should probably be put out to pasture

Fantasy baseball: how I learned to hate everything

HookSlide explains the pros and cons of playing daily fantasy sports, how to win a lot of money, and which AA groups are closest to your home

Tigers 2014 season in review: March and April

Down memory lane we go to look back at some of the 2014 highlights!

Tigers 2014 season in review: preseason

Down memory lane we go to look back at some of the 2014 highlights!

HookSlide's rooting guide for the 2014 postseason

You're rooting for the Tigers, obviously. But what about the other series scenarios? Who do you root for? We've got you covered.

2014 Stretch Run Survival Guide

We're into the stretch run, and the race is going to be close. Here's how you can survive the coming weeks with your sanity intact.

The Tigers like to party -- just like us!

After a three-game sweep of the A's, the Tigers had a party - just like us!

An almost history of the baseball origin myth

This is baseball, this is our heritage, this is our constant source of overly romanticized sentiment, and that is our spittoon, so please pass it this way and let's learn something.

Let's talk about baseball uniforms

A brief look at the history and development of baseball uniforms, with plenty of digressions.

The songs we sing at baseball games

The National Anthem and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" are sung at every baseball game. HookSlide explains, with minimal research, the story behind these songs and why we sing them.

Why the designated hitter?

A short history of the designated hitter rule and why it's stupid (or maybe it isn't).


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