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Hook'd on Humor

Coke'd: the fans on Twitter have spoken (sort of)

Phil Coke has fallen out of almost everyone's good graces, it seems, as this Twitter search revealed. (I hope I did the search right.)

FAQ on Danny Worth

Danny Worth is back in Detroit, and some people are rightly asking the loaded question, "Danny who?" Those people will still be asking that question after reading this FAQ.

MLB News: Bogaerts' game of thongs

The Tigers ignore sabermetrics, Ryu is still really good, and you won't believe what the Yankees did.

Sh*t my team's fans say

The top five stupidest Tigers fan comments actually overheard during a single game.

MLB News: Revenge of the K!

Lots of strikeouts, extra innings, unreal losing streaks, and I'm not even talking about the Tigers!

MLB News: A walk-off WHAT?!

A bunch of teams postponed because of crap weather, there was a battle of Sox, and guess what Prince Fielder did?

MLB News: Who needs small ball?

Travis Snider tried to catch a fly ball with his face, Dan Uggla did a good thing, and the Brewers finally lost.

7 Unwritten rules of baseball

Baseball has dozens of unwritten rules that all players must honor. HookSlide explains seven of the most important.

MLB News: An unexpected rematch

Verlander got a hit, Bumgarner hit a grand slam, and Valverde is still Valverde.

MLB News: Everyone lost the trade!

Avisail Garcia is done for the year, Jim Johnson is no longer the closer, and Masahiro Tanaka is undefeated.

Notes from around MLB, April 10

The Royals finally have a home run, Joe Nathan has a "dead arm," and Jim Johnson is blowing saves at a 66 percent clip.

Notes from around MLB, April 9

The White Sox and Orioles both had blowout games, the Marlins are finally out of first place, and Ryan Braun is hitting home runs.

Notes from around MLB, April 8

Bryce Harper is striking out a lot, Yasiel Puig hurt his thumb, the Twins are leading the league in an unexpected stat, and what's up, Mariners?

Notes from around MLB, April 7

The first week of baseball is complete. Welcome to week two.

Notes from around MLB, April 4

Rain-outs, comebacks, slumps, and derps. What more do you want?

Notes from around MLB, April 3

Former Tigers pitchers and could-have-been Tigers pitchers had a very difficult day.

Notes from around MLB, April 2

Brian Wilson is "hurt," Adrian Beltre is a copycat, CC Sabathia is LOL, and more (but not much).

Notes from Around MLB

The Tigers won their opener, Jose Valverde made an appearance, Ryan Braun is back, and other things happened too.

Keeping score at home

Every fan should know how to keep score in a scorebook during a game. HookSlide shows you how it's done.

HookSlide's hacks for the 2014 season

You want to make the upcoming season great. Here are some "life hacks" to help get you there.

Whitecaps attempt to fatten the local population

The West Michigan Whitecaps, known for their zany and calorically intensive foods, have made their 2014 offerings public. Your duty-bound BlessYouBoys bloggers investigate.

Football logic in a baseball world

Football fans make bad baseball fans. Here's why.

Getting to know the spring training invitees

The Tigers invited 16 non-roster players to spring training in 2014. This FAQ will answer all the questions you didn't know you had.

Hook'd on Headlines: Jan 9

HookSlide distorts the latest baseball news, so you don't have to!

MLB Hot Stove Quiz

How well have you kept up with the trades and signings this offseason? Find out with this short quiz.

Hook'd on Headlines: Dec 18

More rapid-fire relays of the latest MLB headlines and the presumed stories behind them.

Scanning the latest MLB headlines

Don't have time to read the latest MLB news? Just read the headlines and make up the rest!

Pardon the Indigestion - The BYB argument show

PhilCoke'sBrain and HookSlide go toe-to-toe in a battle of wits. There are no winners.

Luke Putkonen's heritage: Finnish baseball

Baseball is the national sport of Finland. But it is not quite the same as the American pastime.

Cy Yawn Award: Do the BBWAA awards matter?

Max Scherzer and Miguel Cabrera are the AL Cy Young and MVP award winners, but without a World Series title, should the fans even care?

Ranking the Vegas odds on Tigers managers

Vegas has released betting odds on who the next Tigers manager will be. These are your best bets, if you want some of the action.

Surviving the rest of the postseason

One way or other, this postseason will end. Are you prepared?


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