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Hook'd on Humor

Top 10 reasons the Tigers will win the ALCS

Yep. Still guzzling the hubris.

Top 10 reasons the Tigers will win the ALDS

You can take your #NoHubris hash-tag and shove it up your Bartolo Colon.

Who do you like and dislike in the postseason?

Tigers fans want the Tigers to win it all this year. But what other teams vie for your affection or tweak your nerves?

Pardon the Indigestion - The BYB argument show

HookSlide and PhilCoke'sBrain tackle the topics of the day by fighting.

HookSlide's history of the postseason

World Series, League Championship Series, League Division Series, wild card spots - what does it all mean? How did we get here?

Favorite Rod Allen moments from 2013

You never know what Rod Allen is going to say next. Well, now you do, but only because I made a list.

The Tigers 2013 regular season in review

A look back at the 2013 regular season, with all of its highlights and higher lights.

Poker night with Leyland and the boys

An insider's look at Jim Leyland's poker game with a few close friends.

What did you expect, Pythagoras?

Pythagorean Expectation, the 2013 Tigers, and the trends of World Series winners

Take me out with the crowd

Even if the beer is expensive, you can't see the pitch and you never know what's going on.

Postseason FAQ with HookSlide

What will happen in the post-season this year? All the answers (and none of the explanations) are right here.

To bunt or not to bunt? There is no question

Examining the merits of bunting in less time than it takes to get thrown out at first.

Get rich quick! A guide to betting on baseball

Follow these easy steps to financial independence while enjoying your favorite sport. (Also, invest in Rolaids.)

Justin Verlander lost 'it' and we're here to help

The Tigers ace has no clue where "it" went. Let's help him search!

Does baseball even qualify as a sport?

One writer says no. Another writer says yes. After a few moments of tension, they both end up making out. (Ewww.)

Alternate recap of game 123, HookSlide style

You wanted a "HookSlide" version of a game re-cap? This is what you get.

I want to host a sports talk show

A in-depth look at what it takes to make it big in the world of sports talk radio.

Enjoying baseball in (anti-) social media

Facebook and Google and Twitter, oh my! How social technology changes the way we observe the game.

SATIRE: Dombrowski reads Facebook, fires Leyland

For thousands of persistent fans, their hard work and determination pays off.

A possibly factual history of baseball statistics

Where did baseball statistics come from? How useful are they? Who is Bill James and why does he make more money than the gross national product of Serbia? The answers are here. (This statement has not been verified.)

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Are you a BYB addict?

HookSlide gives us a handy guide to see exactly how addicted we are to our favorite site.

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FAQ on Jose Iglesias

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FAQ on Jose Veras

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Saginaw business considers Peralta's options

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Old Man Selig Stole My Baseball

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Tiger Pitchers Playlist, Take 2: Beatles Edition

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Tiger Pitchers Playlist: Walk On, Rock On

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Tigers bunt in close game, local man loses mind

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Casting the 2013 Tigers movie

If there were a movie made about the 2013 Tigers, which actors would get roles?

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Baseball and the People Who Talk About It

Can you even imagine what it would be like to watch a three-hour game on television without them?

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Are you Vulcan or Amygdala?

Please take a seat on HookSlide's couch and talk about your mother.


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