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Sabermetrics 101

Baseball Prospectus’ DRC+ says the Tigers are bad

Baseball Prospectus has introduced DRC+, a statistic that says the 2018 Tigers were as bad as you thought.

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Upton may be back, even though the results don't show it yet

So many graphs!

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Has Anibal Sanchez's luck turned around?

Deserved run average thinks Verlander is an ace

A new attempt to quantify pitcher performance has some interesting things to say about the Tigers' ace.

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Tigers' arms would benefit from raised strike zone

MLB is talking about raising the strike zone, and that's good for Tigers' pitchers.

How the Tigers can use analytics to win big

Getting sabermetrics off the spreadsheets and onto the field for the Tigers' players and manager Brad Ausmus may not be easy as you think, but the 2013 Pirates showed how it could be done.

Best & Worst: Tigers 2016 Steamer projections

The first set of 2016 computer generated projections has been released! Let's talk about how wrong they are!

Power factor: measuring raw power

Isolated power (ISO) is a great stat, but it is limited. Power Factor both sounds cooler and is a better measure of a hitter's raw power.

An open letter to Brian Kenny

A sabermetric community reaches out to MLB Network analyst Brian Kenny.

Sabermetrics Weekly with Professor Gorosh: Part 3

In this segment of Sabermetrics Weekly, Professor Gorosh takes a closer look at the Lakeland Flying Tigers pitching staff. Yes, Bruce Rondon makes an appearance high on this list, but he wasn't Lakeland's best reliever. Read on to find out who was!

Sabermetrics Weekly with Professor Gorosh: Part 2

In this week in Sabermetrics Weekly with Professor Gorosh, we take a look at the (absolutely abysmal) Erie SeaWolves (Double A) pitching staff. Old friend Robbie Weinhardt makes an appearance, which is anything but a good thing.

Sabermetrics Weekly with Professor Gorosh: Part 1

You've all surely heard of sabermetrics in recent weeks, what with the MVP debate and all, but have you ever used them as a means to study prospects or potentially project their performance? Well, look no further, as Jordan Gorosh will do just that!