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Welcome to Bless You Boys

All about Bless You Boys: A review of who we are and the culture we value as a site.

BYB users guide


Hi! We'd like to give you a big Tiger welcome to Bless You Boys. We're glad you're here.

No matter how or when you found us, we want to help you get involved in the site as fast as we can, so we wrote this guide of the who's and what's of Bless You Boys.

The people

Managing Editors: Rob Rogacki (@BYBRob)

Deputy editors: Ashley MacLennan (@90feetfromhome), Brandon Day (@Fiskadoro74)

Community editor: Fielder's Choice (@FieldersChoice5)

Writers: Patrick OKennedy (@TigerDog_1), Cameron Kaiser (@TTownTiger), Jeff Roberts (@EyeOnTigers),

Moderators: 113194013 (David), Les Lim, Justin Wurm (@JWurm7)

The rules

You can find a copy of the rules here. In short, we want intelligent conversation. (And don't worry, that doesn't mean you have to be a sabermetric user. It just means you have to have a good reason for believing what you do.) We want people who can disagree with each other in one thread and have fun together in another.

We hope BYB will be a fun place for Tigers fans to interact. People should feel safe to do so. We've worked hard to establish the culture here, and our members value that. It might not be the same culture as some other sites, but it's ours, and it's a big reason BYB is successful.

Finally, remember when you visit other SB Nation sites you represent BYB. Heck, even if you don't visit them you still represent BYB by what you say in the comments. Represent us well.

The suggestions box

Please let us know your thoughts at, on Twitter at @blessyouboys, or on our Facebook page!

The podcast

Brandon and Ashley talk Tigers baseball.

The BYB Podcast can be streamed on-demand over your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, BlackBerry, or via the web on Stitcher Radio. You can find links to the app at, the iTunes App Store, Google Play and other device app stores.

The BYB podcast is available on iTunes!

Click here for the podcast RSS feed.

The toys for you to play with

FanPosts and FanShots allow you to write your own stuff. FanPosts are for blog posts. (Here's how to do that.) Generally, these posts should be areas not already covered by Bless You Boys. Simply repeating areas of coverage we already do really doesn't benefit anyone and occasionally results in the FanPost being deleted. If you have a link, a photo, a video, share that with a FanShot instead. We always promote the best ones.

The best way to get started

Pay attention. Get a feel for the culture. But just jump right in! There's never a bad time to get involved, just do it. Introduce yourself and learn about others. Ask questions if you don't understand things. Share your thoughts. Talk about whatever in a game thread. Above all, just have fun.