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Texts with Dombrowski

Texts with Avila: Ron Gardenhire discovers Meijer

It seems the Tigers’ skipper has found his new favorite store.

Texts with Al Avila: Offseason version

Through methods we won’t go into, we have managed to get a hold of GM Al Avila’s phone.

One final text with Dombrowski

That'll do, Dave. That'll do.

Texts from the trading deadline

Bless You Boys' sources were able to uncover some of the correspondence from the Tigers' front office.

Texts: The deadline approaches

Texts with Dombrowski: The trade deadline approaches

Texts with Dombrowski: Verlander hits the DL

We've uncovered some information regarding Justin Verlander's arm injury.

Text: Dombrowski tries to break bad news

After the Tigers re-signed Joba Chamberlain, someone needed to be removed from the 40-man roster.

Text: Miggy turns the tables

Dave just wanted to share a silly joke, but it turns out the joke is on him.

Text: Jim Leyland weighs in on the pitch clock

How does the former Tigers' manager feel about the concept of a pitch clock?

Text: Jim Leyland weighs in on defensive shifts

Dave recently reached out to his former manager to get his opinion on the topic of defensive shifts.

A text with Dombrowski: Tigers acquire Prince

The owner is a little concerned about the team's most recent acquisition.

A text with Dombrowski: Donnie's leaving

As expected, Dave Dombrowski has been in touch with Don Kelly since the latter signed a minor-league deal with the Marlins.

Texts with DD: Winter Meetings edition

Like we expected, Dave Dombrowski was busy at this year's Winter Meetings.

Texts with Dombrowski: Dave got a new phone

The Tigers' GM's phone has been hacked again, and the latest batch of texts have been released. Not really though, these are fake.

F&%# you! NSFW texts related to Joe Nathan

There is foul language in this post. Copious foul language

Game 117 Preview: Texts with Dombrowski Edition

The Tigers and Pirates continue their series today, but Dave Dombrowski was texting up a storm after last night's loss.

Texts with Dombrowski: David Price Edition

An inside look at how the David Price trade went down.

Texts with Dombrowksi: Joakim Soria Edition

A behind-the-scenes look at how the trade for Joakim Soria went down.

Texts with Dombrowski: Dave needs a new phone

I'm sure he can afford one.

Game 69 Preview: Texts from DD Edition

Dave Dombrowski shared some of his texts prior to today's series finale with the Kansas City Royals.

Texts with Dombrowski: Volume V

In this episode we find out why Alex Gonzalez was released, how the Joel Hanrahan signing went down, and why Miguel Cabrera wasn't returning Dave's calls.

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Texts with Dombrowski: LuPu who?!

Why hasn't he changed his number yet?!

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Texts with Dombrowski: Gonzalez edition

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More Texts from DD

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Texts from DD


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