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Detroit Tigers Links: Rangers interested in Rick Porcello & Angels give Mike Trout small pay raise

The Texas Rangers are reportedly asking about Rick Porcello, the Los Angeles Angels gave Mike Trout the shaft (in terms of his salary for 2013), and some hack writes about Victor Martinez returning to the lineup. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Al Messerschmidt

Report: Rangers "Inquired" About Rick Porcello
Lone Star Ball, Adam J. Morris
I like the commenter that wants to offer the Tigers Alexi Ogando for Porcello.

Why Your Baseball Team Sucks, 2013 Edition
Walkoff Woodward, Grey Papke

"So basically, my point is: it’s okay to be excited about your baseball team. But just allow me to point out all the things that might go wrong with them!"

Fully Recovered, Victor Martinez Returns to the Tigers Lineup
Big Leagues Magazine, Rob Rogacki

"And lest we forget, Martinez isn’t exactly replacing a superstar in the DH slot. Delmon Young hit just .260/.287/.388 in 118 games last season as the Tigers’ designated hitter, making him worth -0.7 wins above replacement (WAR) offensively. By comparison, Martinez was worth 3.1 offensive WAR in 2011."

The Other Detroit Tigers Job-Seekers p. 1
Motor City Bengals, Chris Hannum

"The guy who is going to get the longest and most serious look is Jeff Kobernus, not because he is necessarily the most talented, experienced or steadiest option but because he is a rule 5 pick and would otherwise be lost."

Who Will Close for the Tigers?
Tiger Tales, Lee Panas
I'm still of the mind that Rondon is this team's closer until we are shown otherwise.

Five questions: Cleveland Indians
The Hardball Times, Mat Kovach
There are definitely more than just five questions on the Indians' roster right now -- and I'll get to those when we start doing team previews -- but most of them still revolve around whether all the money that they spent this winter will be worth it in 2013 and beyond.

Mike Trout's salary and the Los Angeles Angels being weird
Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee
Trout won't be able to afford as many burgers as he expected this season, especially with how expensive said burgers probably are in Los Angeles Anaheim.

Dusty Baker won’t shake Kirk Gibson’s hand because of DH rule during spring training
Big League Stew, David Brown
For those interested, both Brandon McCarthy and Shin-Soo Choo (the two guys that this whole spat revolves around) went 0-for-1.