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Rob Neyer and Larry Bowa debate A.L. MVP race on MLB Network

Should what a player does in the second half of the season matter more than what he does in the first? SB Nation's Rob Neyer and former manager Larry Bowa argued that and more during a recent appearance on MLB Network.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

SB Nation's Rob Neyer appeared on MLB Network's Clubhouse Confidential Wednesday to discuss the American League MVP race. Obviously a lot of the debate is rehashing what we've all heard discussed lately, but there was an interesting line of discussion I wanted to draw out, regarding whether what a player does in the second half matters more.

Neyer takes on the argument that Cabrera's great second half, relative to Trout, shouldn't matter. He calls it a good tie-breaker in an MVP argument that doesn't need one this year. He also argues that what a player does in the first half of the season actually matters more, because it has an impact on the decisions a front office makes around the July 31 trade deadline.

Taking the opposing point of view, former player and manager Larry Bowa. Bowa notes that inside the game, what you do in the second half matters when it's time to negotiate a contract or go to arbitration. That front offices and agents value the second half means that what Cabrera did in the second half of the season matters.

Anyway, take a look at the video yourself, and feel free to weigh in on the argument in our comments!

The MVP award will be announced live on MLB Network during the start of firearm deer season 6 p.m. Nov. 15.